STTS is a specialist company, focusing on computational linguistics and speech technology. The company offers consulting services and development for speech technology, general and custom-made synthetic voices, lexicon development, annotation of speech and language data, and other services in speech technology, including software development.

STTS was founded in 2002 by Harald Berthelsen, Nikolaj Lindberg, Hanna Lindgren and Jessica Waywell. The company is owned by the four founders, and has no external investors. Since 2016, the company office is located on Folkungagatan, Södermalm, Stockholm.

The founders have years of experience of research and development in computational linguistics, speech technology and dialogue systems. Their education covers linguistics, computational linguistics, speech technology, phonetics, programming, computer science, Swedish, English, German, Irish and Finnish.

Since the foundation, STTS has primarily worked with development of text-to-speech; pronouncing dictionaries for a number of languages; development of speech synthesis for various languages; and transcriptions and semantic labelling of speech data for dialogue systems.