STTS offers development for language and speech technology, mainly for lexicon databases, text-to-speech and speech recognition systems. Furthermore, we produce tools for development within this area. If you want more information on our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

STTS offers development of text-to-speech voices for different languages. We produce general-purpose as well as custom-made or limited-domain voices. We can be responsible for the complete process or parts of it, including manuscript design, speaker selection, recordings, post-processing and testing.

STTS provides general and customised pronunciation lexicon databases for different languages and applications. We offer quality analyses and updates of existing lexical resources, as well as development of completely new ones from scratch. Our services also include development of transcription guidelines.

Speech recognition data
STTS provides assistance with development and maintenance of speech recognition data for different languages. We can manage transcriptions of speech data, semantic labelling of utterances, et cetera.